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Friends Welfare Society, Bhowana was established in the early eighties probably in 1982 when its first formal meeting was held at a Poultry Farm constructed by late Noor Ahmad Khan, Opposite Food Godowns, Jamia Abad. The idea was conceptualized by its founding Members. Mr. Atta Muhammad Raja, Manzoor Hussain Najam, Noor Ahmed Khan and Dr. [...]


There is a silent revolution in the whole catchment area of this Society. Families and persons who used to compete in criminal offences are now striving to compete in education and satisfy their ego in positive ways. This movement has brought its dividend for every one of us. There was a time when we were [...]


The Mission of this Society is to achieve progress through Educational Development of Human Resource. Educational Development of human resource is a two pronged idea. On the first level, the society aims at dissipating awareness among the youth about the value of education and provides platform to them to actualize their dreams to join the [...]

Aims & Objectives:

To guide the students for further education and help them whenever they confront any problem. To provide Financial Assistances to the needy students in a honorable manner without discoloring their identity publicly.

Organisational Structure

Organisational structure of the Society comprises of Patron in Chief, the President, The General Secretary and Finance Secretary.


Initially a nominal contribution of Rupees 10 per month was deposited annually by the members on the eve of Eid and out of this the scholarships were granted. Now nomination has been increased to Rs. 1000 per annum. Some of the members even adopt students and bear all of their expenses till completion of their [...]


Bhawana was a very backward area, despite the fact that it had fertile land and talented people. But, unfortunately , this talent was being negatively utilized. There was high crime rate and the area was notorious for dacoity and theft. The criminals of the area were the role models for the youth. The founders of [...]

Patron in Chief

Patron in Chief is elected for the whole life keeping in view his meritorious services for the society. He provides guideline for the overall functioning of the society and accords approval to various policy decisions. Dr, Muhammad AFzal, Medical Superintendent Lady wellington Hospital, Lahore is the current Patron in Chief. He is not only one [...]

The President

The President is elected in the annual meeting for a term of three years. The President arranges and conducts meeting of the society in collaboration with the General Secretary.  The President gives approval to the proposal forwarded by the General Secretary regarding grant of scholarships and to admit new applications for the award of scholarship. [...]

General Secretary

General Secretary is also elected in the annual meeting for a term of three years. He performs all the administrative functions of the society. He keeps liaison with the President regarding meetings of the society. On the advice of the President, he admits of the new members. He issues invitation letters to all the members [...]

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